Don’t Let Poor Connectivity Ruin Your Google+ Hangout

Whether you travel or work locally, chances are you’ve experienced low and/or unreliable connectivity. Today Google introduced two new features that aim to improve your Google+ Hangout experience, no matter where you’re located.

You’ll now notice a bandwidth slider at the top right of every Hangout. This will let you adjust your bandwidth preferences in real-time, helping you to keep Hangouts going, even when you’re in an area with poor connectivity.

Additionally, Google has added an audio-only mode. This option is pretty self-explanatory — choose it if you only want to send and receive audio, not video. When operating in this mode, only your profile picture will be seen on screen instead of a live video.

So whether you’re living/traveling outside the U.S. or just visiting your local Starbucks on a busy day, bandwidth won’t spoil your Hangout experience. Although both features are rolling out today, they’re doing so separately so you might see one before the other.

[Image credit: David Burillo]

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