Mobile Ads Are Sporting a New Design on Facebook for iOS

It looks like Facebook’s desktop ads aren’t the only ones receiving a makeover this week. Over the weekend, the social network also began testing new designs for its Mobile App Install Ads and Page Post Ads.

In December, Facebook changed the way mobile Page Post Ads appear to non-fans to help boost engagement. Instead of displaying a call to action to Like the Page, the ads promoted interaction on the post itself. However, fan acquisition rates reportedly declined, and now these ads do both.

You’ll find that Page Post Ads now include a Page Like button to the right of your name and profile picture. Mobile fans will also have the option to Like, comment, or share the post included in the advertisement, as pictured below. We should note that these changes are separate from the desktop design tweaks announced earlier today.

And launched last October, Mobile App Install Ads now include a “suggested app” label and a profile picture. Previously, this particular ad had a banner image only that appeared above the ad — it now falls below the ad copy. The changes could help to separate the ad from other stories appearing in mobile News Feeds.

Design tweaks among Facebook Ads aren’t uncommon, and are necessary to help determine the best designs for different outcomes. Right now, the new ads appear to be limited to Facebook for iOS. As more people update their apps, you’ll want to keep an eye on App Insights to see if the new look has had any effect on your ROI.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Mark Turnauckas]

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