Monitor Your Pins With Pinterest Web Analytics

With record referral traffic and consumer appeal, Pinterest has quickly made a name for itself among the marketing community. Big brands and small businesses have relied on the platform for countless campaigns, but the one thing that has been lacking is an easy way to collect metrics.

That changes today as Pinterest has begun to roll out Pinterest Web Analytics, a tool that will enable you to see how consumers are interacting with pins that originate from your website. Brands help to create the content that appears on Pinterest; it’s only fair that it helps them understand which pieces of content people find most interesting.

If you have a verified website, you’ll get information about how many people have pinned from your site, how many people have seen these pins, and how many people visited your site from Pinterest. The analytics tool will also show you a selection of your most repinned, most clicked, and most recent pins so you have a better idea of what’s popular.

Marketers can begin using Pinterest Web Analytics today. To get started, first you’ll need to request early access to Pinterest’s new look — this is almost as easy as flipping a switch. Then, make sure that the website listed on your profile is verified. If it’s not, follow these easy steps to verify. Once the verified checkmark appears next to your website, go to the top right menu and click on Analytics.

It might take some time for Pinterest to pull in data from your website, so you might not be able to start exploring right away. Once populated, you can change date ranges to see how your metrics have changed over time, or download them for closer analysis or to share with team members. Pinterest Web Analytics will help you better understand what content is resonating with your fans so you can create even better pins in the future.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Roxanne Ready]

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