Nonsense in Business with Tim Washer [PODCAST]

Welcome to the latest episode of Explore Marketing Uncensored, Social Media Explorer’s weekly podcast. Explore Marketing Uncensored is your one-way ticket into the twisted minds of some of the greatest digital marketing and social media thought leaders around. The goal: to provide marketing executives with the knowledge they need to be rock stars in their organization.

In this week’s episode, Tim Washer (comedic writer extraordinaire) joins host Jason Spooner and SME President Nichole Kelly to discuss the role comedy plays in a successful content strategy. As Senior Manager of Social Media for Cisco Systems, Tim has been the man behind some of the best and most talked about comedic content in the industry. His work has been featured on SNL, The Onion and The Late Show with David Letterman. During our podcast, Tim shares his step-by-step guide to producing comedic content including: how to decide what kind of comedic content to produce, how to get support from senior executives, low-cost/low-risk approaches to producing comedic content, and even how to measure the effectiveness and ROI of a comedic campaign.

Want to learn more about interjecting some nonsense and comedy in your business? Then join Tim Washer at the Explore Southwest Event April 12 – 13. Can’t make it to Explore Southwest? It’s okay! Tim’s also going to be speaking at our other Explore events

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Show notes – Official website of Tim Washer

Cisco Valentine’s Day Commercial – Example of Comedic Content

Mainframe: Art of the Sale – Example of Comedic Content

Febelfin Psychic Video – Example of Comedic Content in Regulated Space

Top 10 B2B Comedy Videos  – Examples of Comedic Content