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There’s no longer any doubt that most buyers go online to research and find products and services they want – before they buy!  For companies engaging in internet marketing, iphones and smart phones are the tool in the hands of new customers who research, compare and even navigate right to your door to make purchases.The specialized Internet Marketing services your company needs include an optimized websites to enable you to engage in internet marketing and a comprehensive strategy to reach new customers. With a well planned internet marketing strategy you can reap the rewards of connecting with online shoppers. The hardest part of doing internet marketing, like most things, is getting started. Ad-Via helps you create and implement your internet marketing game plan so that you get your share of this substantial new business.  Our services give you the effect of almost free advertising online.

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SEO-Expert-DNA CREATIVE-Los-AngelesWe are not here to get you first rankings on the words that are easy for us. Instead, our plan is to increase traffic and sales conversion for the keywords that will make a meaningful impact on your business and your bottom line. Our focus is very simple; turn traffic into sales, and once that is done, increase the traffic and increase the sales.


In our initial discovery process we discuss SEO and how it can best help our potential client’s business. SEO is not for everyone, and through our research we will determine if this unique marketing process is a good fit for your business. SEO strategy development: Your leading Los Angeles search engine optimization firm Ad-Via will take the time to sit down and listen to your SEO needs, strategy, and goals. This will allow us to understand your vision of success for this plan and tailor our efforts to attain your goals. A good example of this type of information would be an understanding of whether you would like to sell something on the website or simply increase the contacts and inquiries made by potential clients.

clickbuttonPay-Per-Click (PPC) is a very strong marketing tool that has the ability to put your website at the very top of any ranking or result. This means that on the day we start our campaign, your website could be the very first listing a customer sees when they go to a search page. One of the benefits of this system is that advertisers only pay when someone clicks on the ad, making this method a cost effective way to attract highly qualified leads and increase your conversion rate. A carefully planned and managed Pay-Per-Click marketing campaign can deliver immediate results and high quality traffic. Pay Per Click advertising offers a number of benefits that are unique to this platform and with our PPC management service you will get better value for your spending as well as managed cost control. Some other benefits include detailed reporting on several important metrics, as well as ROI and revenue tracking delivered by Ad-Via PPC services

Social Media Channel Creation and Enhancement services are keys to building new or enhancing existing social media accounts.  We create your various social media channels including Facebook™,Twitter™, YouTube™, Flickr™, Foursquare™ and many more. These Social Media Channels are your faces to the social networking world and a vibrant source of new business.  We develop all of your key social media channels and we use a keyword focus to make sure your business is in there looking sharp.  Its all part of our effort to equip you with with all the right digital tools to reach customers. socialmediamarketingbyDNAMany businesses need the services a social media channel manager can provide, but lack the resources to hire someone full-time. To fill the need, Ad-Via provides social media channel management services on a contract basis.  Every detail required to establish and maintain a successful social media presence is covered. Packages are affordable and on a monthly fee basis and  include the following types of services:

  • Social Media Channel Creation – Build new or enhance existing social media accounts and channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp, YouTube, Flickr and others.
  • Custom Channel Design – Creation of a customized Facebook Fan Page, Twitter background, YouTube channel and LinkedIn Company Page all designed support your company’s marketing goals and objectives.
  • Social Network Promotions – Focused attention given to finding unique ways social media can stimulate interest in the organization’s brand, drive traffic to the Web site and increase new member enrollment.
  • Content Creation and Management – Routine posting of content to Facebook and Twitter with an emphasis on growing fan base, interacting with fans and followers, and other forms of engagement.
  • Business Blogging – One long-form blog post (600-800 words) per month or two shorter posts (250 – 300 words) every two weeks.
  • Facebook Advertising Management – Creation and management of targeted advertising promotions on Facebook.

onlinepressreleaseThe most important element a press release provides is exposure.  It provides the potential for customers to find information about your business on the internet.  Your press release from Ad-Via is search engine optimized and searchable for the best search terms, meaning that someone searching for key terms may find your press release through a search engine.  Your press release is carefully analyzed and optimized around key search terms that increase your visibility on these search engines.   This may be why some terms are repeated or re-worded.   It is also helpful to have an inbound link from another website.  PR web provides an inbound link directly to your website for each press release submitted.  The more inbound links, the more relevant major search engines deem your website. *a. Instant Visibility: * The moment a well optimized and well written PR is taken out, we can get instant exposure. Since the PR gets picked up by several news sites like news.google.com etc. people who search for the keywords given in our PR will be able to find our PR and thereby become aware of our offer/service/products etc.  Each PR stays in the news sites like news.google.com for some time (around 4 to 6 weeks) before they are moved to the archives and other newer PRs (from other sites) get to the top. So instant visibility and traffic from news sites is one major benefit. *b. Trust and Branding:* People usually Google about a company before they hire the services. A well drafted PR Plan will ensure that there are enough instances of our company being talked about in the online press. This is in addition to the information that the user will find on the client’s site. Usually customers look at third party of external validations and such Press Releases help reinforce the trust factor and increases the chances of someone doing business with the company.  The Press Releases remain accessible on the web for an indefinite period of time. If someone views an old PR of the company, he also discovers that the company has been around for a while. *c. Inbound links:* Each Press Release is sprinkled with links which point back to the website (www.centdef.com). Since the PR pages remain on the press distribution sites for a long long time, we continue to get the credit of these good quality links backs. Links help in driving direct traffic to the site and most importantly they help in getting higher rankings on search engines. *d. Traffic: * This is a very vital benefit of a good Press Release plan. Apart from all the above benefits, a well optimized PR has the potential to send us good traffic – especially for the initial 1 to 2 weeks. This is because a fresh press release ranks pretty high on news sites like news.google.com. Also if it is well optimized, it can even rank on www.google.com for some of the keywords. All this helps in getting us traffic and more visibility in the end.

content writing        Content writing is a good idea for any business, but it is a necessity for online businesses. Content writing achieves a few different goals. It not only informs your customers about topics relevant to your business, it also helps improve your search engine rankings and inspires potential customers to buy your product or enlist your company’s services. Content writing is often optimized for certain keywords, attracting new targeted customers and becoming an integral part of your SEO strategy. Good content writing is not a just sales pitch; instead, it provides information about a part of your business that may interest a potential customer and often result in a sale.

Ad-Via has developed a professional and tested team of writers. We are experts in unique content writing, SEO copywriting, press releases, e-books, blogs, technical writing, medical writing, academic writing, business writing, website content, website design and content development, sales copywriting, search engine optimization, and all related SEO services. We write for the e-business world and do it well. If you are not sure where to start, you might want to take a look at our services page, where you can find updated services that you may need for content writing.

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