Social Media News: Cover Photos, Facebook Reach, Twitter Ads

While you’ve been busy updating your company’s Facebook page, keeping your customers up to date through Twitter and posting the latest corporate video on YouTube, we’ve been reporting on the latest in social media news for businesses large and small.

In case you’ve missed any of it, here’s a recap of this week’s breaking stories. We’ve arranged them by category to help you quickly find the news you’re looking for.


  • Facebook Revamps Offers to Increase Conversions
  • Search Results Come to Facebook App Insights
  • Why Reach Metrics Will Change for Some Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Tests Targeted Ads Based on In-Store Purchases
  • You Can Now Add Cover Photos to Facebook Events


  • Twitter Tests New Ad Unit to Help With Lead Generation
  • Some Tweets Are Being Reduced to 117 Characters
  • New API Gives Advertisers Better Control Over Twitter Ads


  • Leaves Preview and Starts Replacing Hotmail Accounts
  • Is YouTube or Facebook Video Better for Engagement?

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