Social Media News: Super Bowl Ads, Hashtags, YouTube Channels

While you’ve been busy updating your company’s Facebook page, keeping your customers up to date through Twitter and posting the latest corporate video on YouTube, we’ve been reporting on the latest in social media news for businesses large and small.

In case you’ve missed any of it, here’s a recap of this week’s breaking stories. We’ve arranged them by category to help you quickly find the news you’re looking for.


  • Facebook Prompts Members to Like Pages Based on News Feed Links
  • Facebook Is Testing a New Format for Marketplace Ads


  • Advertise Across Multiple Devices With Enhanced Campaigns for AdWords
  • Don’t Let Poor Connectivity Ruin Your Google+ Hangout
  • Third-Party Apps Are More Discoverable in Google Drive


  • It’s Now Easier to Edit Pinterest Pins On the Go


  • Following Security Breach, Twitter Urges Members to Change Passwords
  • Advertising Stats Show How Twitter Won the Super Bowl
  • Are Hashtags in Commercials Effective? [Study]
  • Find Relevant Content Faster With Twitter’s Updated Mobile Apps
  • Older Tweets Are Now Searchable on Twitter


  • YouTube Channels Will Soon Feature Cover Photos and Trailers


  • Interact With Your Instagram Feed On the Web
  • Tumblr Is Adding Real-Time Notifications to Its Dashboard

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