Social Media Resources: Twitter Chats, Vine, and Pinterest Analytics

Social Media ResourcesThis week on Sprout Social Insights we tackled guides for Facebook, Twitter, and to help you better reach your customers with the social media tools that make a difference.

Check out our articles below to find out more about each one and how they can help you with your social media goals. And check in every day to Sprout Social Insights for more how to guides and breaking social media news.

3 Case Studies on How to Run a Twitter Chat For Your Brand

Anatomy of a Twitter chat

If you’ve ever used a Twitter hashtag, you may be aware of some of its main benefits: It allows your tweets to be seen by a wider audience than just those who follow you, your tweets become searchable and clickable even after you post your original message, and most importantly, it puts your tweet in a stream of other tweets from like-minded people who are interested in the same topic as you. Take all of the benefits mentioned above, repeat the process at a regular day and time each week and you’ll have what’s known as a Twitter chat.

In any given week, there are hundreds of active Twitter chats attracting thousands of regular participants. Chats cover a wide range of topics from those that you might expect — advertising (#adchat) and social media (#SMChat), to more niche topics like insurance (#inschat) and science fiction (#scifichat). [ Read More… ]

<a target="_blank" href="”>#BePresent: 3 Helpful Metrics You Can Track and What You Can Learn

Last week, Sprout Social unveiled #BePresent — a free social media engagement report for brands using Twitter. It’s based on one critical premise when it comes to social media marketing and customer engagement: Your customers are already on social channels like Twitter talking about you, so you need to be present there to take part in the conversation.

To help brand, social media, and community managers accomplish that, our free report tracks four important metrics: response rate, average response time, percentile ranking, and industry rates and times. And to give you a realistic portrait of how you’re performing, we don’t boil it down to one gimmicky score. Rather, we give you actionable data in each of these metrics. [ Read More… ]

3 Creative Ways Brands Have Used Twitter’s Vine to Reach Customers

Twitter’s launch of the bite-sized video network Vine sparked a flurry of inventive creations from businesses and individuals alike. It’s long been an interesting paradox that imposing restrictions can spark the most imaginative ideas, and Vine has shown that people can convey a surprising amount of personality in a six-second loop. For businesses, it offers a fun new angle to the now-commonplace Twitter strategy.

It’s early enough in Vine’s debut that your company will want to make sure to ask some pertinent questions before hopping on the bandwagon. For brands that are ready to tackle this new platform, here are three great examples of smart approaches that we’ve already seen succeed. Between these proven strategies and some tips to spark your creativity, your business should be primed for success.
[

How to Access Your Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest has finally launched an analytics tool, making it easier for you to collect metrics around the way consumers interact with pins originating from your website. Pinterest Web Analytics will provide you with information about how many people have pinned from your site, how many people have seen those pins, and how many people visited your site from Pinterest.

With this tool, you’ll be able to determine if the information and content you’re sharing on your website or blog is resonating with an audience (and if so, which audience) as well as what’s not working. But before you can get started, there are a couple of steps you must take to prepare your website and Pinterest account. Below, you’ll find more details about Pinterest Web Analytics and what you must do to get there. [ Read More… ]

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