Tumblr Is Adding Real-Time Notifications to Its Dashboard

When it comes to blogging platforms, Tumblr might not always be your first choice for your company blog. But lately the service has been making strides in creating a more streamlined dashboard experience for brands that favor quick, visual updates.

This week, Tumblr announced that it’s rolling out real-time notifications on your dashboard. The feature, which is similar to Facebook’s Ticker, alerts you when readers like something you’ve posted to the site — whether it be a photo, text entry, or so on.

Unlike Facebook’s Ticker, it doesn’t appear that you can interact with updates right from the dashboard. Then again, Tumblr isn’t quite like Facebook in the sense that you interact with others’ activity. For example, if someone reblogs your post on Tumblr, you wouldn’t “like” that action.

Since the feature is not yet live for us, we can only assume that you’ll be able to click on usernames within each alert to visit that person’s blog — this would make for an easy way to follow new readers. However, brands with large communities could find the new stream of updates distracting. To disable the option, visit your Settings page.

Although conceptually this isn’t a new feature, it could help to give engagement a boost. If anything, it might help you determine peak hours for adding new posts. According to Tumblr, you should start to see real-time notifications “in the next few hours.”

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: Sasha D Butler]

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