You Can Now Add Cover Photos to Facebook Events

Facebook Event organizers now have the option to add custom cover photos to their event pages. These banner images replace the small thumbnail photos you saw previously.

The updated layout brings Events more in line with business Pages, Profiles, and Groups. However, the new images don’t seem to take up nearly as much space as Timeline cover photos, leaving room for more ads along the right-hand side of the page.

Also, unlike Profiles and Pages, Events only have the option for one large photo instead of a cover photo and profile picture. And unlike the ‘Buy Tickets’ button available only to Facebook Pages, cover photos are available for events created by both individuals and brands.

Now, when you create an event, you’ll see a blank space toward the top of the page with a button to add a photo. You can either upload a new image or select one you’ve previously added to Facebook. The cover photo will be scaled down to thumbnail size when the event appears in News Feed, on Timeline, or in Facebook Ads.

What’s still unclear is whether these cover photos will have to follow Facebook’s Page Guidelines, which state that cover images cannot include more than 20 percent text, price, or purchase information, calls to action, or contact information. Facebook hasn’t commented on the addition yet.

In the meantime, event organizers might want to err on the side of caution and assume the same rules apply. With or without restrictions, the new cover photos breathe life into the once stale pages, and could help to drive awareness and increase interest for your next event.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Anthony Quintano]

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