You Can Now Export Blogger and Google+ Pages Data With Takeout

Companies looking to back up or remove their data from Blogger blogs and Google+ Pages can now do so through Google Takeout.

Introduced in summer 2011, Google Takeout enables you to download a copy of your data stored within Google products. Previously supported products include Google Drive, YouTube, and your Gmail contacts.

Google+ Pages are currently split into two different formats: HTML files with posts to your page and JSON files with the Circles your page is a part of — this is handy if you’d like to transfer your Google+ connections to another account. You can also download an archive of your +1s and Google+ Stream.

If you manage more than one blog or Google+ Page, you can choose to download archives for all of your data at once, or you can separate them and export one thing at a time. Because Takeout handles personal information, Google might ask you to verify your password, even after you’d logged in.

Google Takeout is part of the company’s Data Liberation Front, which puts you in control of your data. It’s useful for anyone wanting to create a backup of their data or move to another service. To get started, visit Google Takeout.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: davidd]

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